Mailwatcher supplies and develops software designed to let you manage and protect data flow via email servers. Email is now a key communication tool for enterprises. In fact, it has likely become your main mode of data exchange. Logically enough, however, it is subjected to fewer controls than any other part of your data infrastructure.

Email is the primary route for virus infestation, because it provides a direct link from the Internet to your employees’ workstations. As a result, email can be the source of major problems, often resulting in system failure. In addition to the potential security risks, financial management of email systems is extremely difficult. Calculating system value when allocating costs can be a real headache for administrators. Strategies for maximising the efficiency of the corporate email system need to address data confidentiality, data validity, and statutory compliance.

Through its suite of software, Mailwatcher designs solutions that let you manage and protect data flows via email servers. We build autonomous monitoring and control tools to enable optimised operations of corporate email servers and IT infrastructures.

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